2017 Dubarry Nations Team Challenge Rolex Fantasy League Round 1

  • 7:42PM April 28, 2017
  • Sally Spickard

4/28 11 p.m. EST

All dressage scores have been entered. Good luck to all on cross country day!

**UPDATE 4/26 11 a.m. EST**

We realized that there was a mistake with the entry list for this league, and have updated entries to reflect that Donner and Harbour Pilot are going to Badminton and not Rolex. We have also removed Kelecyn Cognac from the list after the announcement of his withdrawal. You now have until 2 p.m. EST to update and set your line-ups, and then the teams will be locked for the remainder of the weekend, starting with the jog.

Please email sally@eventingnation.com with any questions!

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