What is Fantasizr?

Fantasizr allows you to build a fantasy league out of ANYTHING. Fantasizr uses traditional fantasy sport frameworks to "fantasize" reality tv shows, sports, co-worker attendance, i.e., anything.

Create a league with one of our supported sports (we'll keep score with the Fantasizr Sports Bureau) or create one of your own. Invite your friends, draft a team, and follow along throughout the season.

Want to work with Fantasizr?

Contact us to become an official Fantasizr scorekeeper for your favorite show or to get a price quote related to building custom leagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, click Create League and enter the four step form.
  1. Select your desired show / event (or create your own)
  2. Name your league
  3. Name your team
  4. Invite friends
When your friends have joined, you can start your league by clicking the "Start Draft" button to start the draft process. Note: Once the draft has started the league will be locked and new people cannot join.
Yes you can! On our Create Sport Form check the box that says "Build a team each week" and "Manage Budget". In this type of league you give each player a price, a team budget, and the maximum number of players for the lineup.
Yes you can! On our Create Sport Form check the box that says "Build a team each week". This makes your sport a "Pool game". In this type of league, you define how many players you pick from the total pool each week/round/episode. The commissioner has total control of when lineups lock and the ability to send lineup selection reminders.
On desktop browsers there is a blue settings button the right of the screen.

On mobile click the 'cog' icon to access settings.
The commissioner can remove teams pre and post draft in the league settings. Settings->Edit League Info->Remove Teams
In draft leagues the start of the draft is the cutoff for new teams. In pool leagues new teams can join at any time.
Yes - you keep any points earned while a player was on your team. Conversely you do not the points that a player scored before he joined your team.
Sure! Here is a custom racing league.

A sample league modeling a sales office: Custom Fantasy Sales League

In a one-time snake draft league, when two teams are present, a red 'Start Draft' button will be present on the league page. The pick order is randomized and the list of players is emailed to the first owner/captain. Make your selection directly in the email or from the Fantasizr dashboard. The next owner/captain will receive an email of the remaining available players. The draft order will "snake" so the order will be flipped for the next round. Example pick order 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3 etc.

In a pool league (where you draft a new team before each round/week/episode), teams can draft independently at any time by clicking Settings->Set Lineup.

Points are maintained for each statistic (ours or ones that you define) during the season.
The Fantasizr Sports Bureau is where we list the shows / games / events that are currently open.
  • Custom recreational sports league (soccer, kickball, hockey) Create a sport of all the players; draft them and award points for stats you define (goals, assists, home runs, etc.)
  • Fantasy TV Shows: Create a show of all the characters, draft them, award points for stats you define (# love scenes, # kills, # lives saved, etc.)
  • Fantasy School: Create a sport of students/competitors and give points for GPA, bonuses, test scores
  • Fantasy Politics: Create a sport of all the politicians in an election and track points for winning the election (10 pts.) with landslide bonuses (20 pts for victory more than 5%), challenger bonus (10 pts for defeating incumbent) etc...
Depending upon the season, we have hosted The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Dancing with the Stars, Hell's Kitchen, The Big Break (golf channel), Real World Road Rules Challenge, and New Fall TV Cancellation.
You can play against your friends in a private league or join one of our public leagues and we will match you up with people to play with.

When your draft starts (in a public league it will start automatically; in a private league the commissioner/organizer of the league will start it), you will get an email with a list of players to choose from. Be sure to add noreply@fantasizr.appspotmail.com to your contacts list to ensure the draft emails do not go to your spam folder.

In a pool league format (where you draft a new team before each round/week/episode), teams can draft independently at any time by clicking Settings->Set Lineup.

For draft leagues: You can create a trade by going to Settings->Trades on the league page. The trade menu is also used for adding/dropping free agents (The team you "trade" with is called Free Agents and starts as the list of undrafted players). After the trade is created, the owner of the receiving team will receive an email notification to either accept or deny the trade.
In the league settings, Settings->Edit League Info, update the week started to any prior week or the beginning of the season.
For draft leagues: Before the draft starts you can set your personal rankings from the "Set Draft Rankings". On that page drag and drop the players in order and check the box to opt out of the live draft. Your picks will be chosen from your rankings to take the next highest ranked player according to you.


Daniel Young Technical Co-founder

Rob Sturtz Product Co-founder